8 Easy Ways to Find Peace this Monday, all Holiday Season, and in 2021

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

2020 has been something! To that, I’m sure we can all attest. Actually, I take that back... 2020 was a test! At times, I felt like I was treading water. At other times, I was doggy-paddling my way to try to float only to feel a current pull me under. Today, fortunately, I’m inhaling and exhaling calmly and at peace. I’m grateful to say, I’ve been among the blessed. My family, loved ones, friends, business partners, and I (for the most part) have remained healthy and relatively secure throughout the pandemic. And if you are reading this, while I know that this year has left some or a lot to be desired, the fact that you are reading this means that you too made it! As we skip toward 2021 (a hopefully more delicate and enjoyable year...pretty please!) I’m bringing every last one of my daily prayers and “Wholeness” practices with me. Why? Because they have made me feel well and become more whole. I mean it! And since this is a season of giving, I wanted to honor you by sharing 8 of my can’t-miss daily practices that will hopefully inspire ideas and ways that you too can go further on your wholeness journey. Read on! And Share! And then report back on how you are doing and before January 1, 2021. Don’t wait to start. #BrownGirlJane #TribeMatters

  1. Start with Prayer + study the word. Prayer is simple. It’s not about eloquent speeches or random rhetoric. Prayer is simply you chatting with God. Period. And then read a spiritually enlightening word. For me it’s the Bible. For you it may be the Torah, the Quran, the Bavavagita, or... I’m 98 weeks straight in the @bible_app.

  2. Read and reflect something motivational, inspiring, and revelatory. I often post photos in IG stories of one of my daily devotional reads. Until Today by @iyanlavanzant. I often follow up this read with a short essay from the book 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think by Brianna Wiest.

  3. Take Brown Girl Jane Daily Balance CBD Drops and light a candle. Two drops of @itsbrowngirljane Balance tincture (in my smoothie, first cup of coffee, or directly under my tongue) helps to center me. I’m easier, more calm, less hurried or anxious when I take them. On the rare days I forget...well, I feel it and so do others. The gorgeous scent of the brands soon-to-be-released Desert Rose scent helps set the tone.

  4. Sit still! I’ve practiced Transcendental Meditation off and on for 13 years. But I rarely have 20 minutes in the morning and evening. When I do, I’m all in. When I don’t, I take 5 or 10 if I’m lucky. The Shine App is a great start for meditation newbies. But here’s what I will say, these quiet moments are often the times I hear from God days later after praying intently about something.

  5. Connect in LOVE. I text or speak to 3-5 people I love every single morning. Not only does it put a smile on their face but it reminds me of the power of my tribe and God’s physical manifestation in my life.

  6. I drink a whole 12 -14 ounces of cold water...yes, before the cup of coffee. It’s my way of helping my body catch up to my mindspace. Not only have studies shown that doing so boosts your metabolism but it helps to aid in digestion.

  7. Move your bum! Period. I prefer hiking, my Peloton, jump roping, and then training. I was once an athlete so I love being physical. But here’s the thing, whether you walk, trot, skip, swim, do aerobics or lift weights...get your heartbeat up. And doing so at the top of the day when possible allows you to not only burn more calories throughout the day but it increases your endorphins. Working out + your Brown Girl Jane is like doubling the stay calm, be happy energy.

  8. Catch up real quick on what’s happening in the world by listening to a snippet of Reported News. You do realize I said, “reported”? Not social media. But reported news. I listen to NPR News Now, it’s quick, top line heavy and to the point. Listening to real news, I’m reminded that the world is bigger than my bubble and that we all have a role to play in making it better.

There are 8 things to choose from, which one will you do tomorrow? #GetCentered #BrownGirlTai #BrownGirlJane #JourneyToWholeness

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