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Don't Let Mercury Retrograde Steal Your Summer Glow

Even if you don’t closely follow astrology, you have likely heard of (and certainly dreaded) Mercury Retrograde. And, brace yourself...the second retrograde of the year has arrived, just in time for summer.

Mercury retrograde refers to the optical illusion in which it looks as if the planet is moving backwards from Earth’s view. Mercury is the planet associated with communication, information, technology, and even clear thinking. So, when it retrogrades, the normal flow of energy is reversed and can cause a whole bunch of frustration, confusion and well...drama. Ugh!

Right now, Mercury is in the sign of Cancer which means this particular Mercury Retrograde is picking up traits associated with that astrological sign, thus making you super emotional and placing your focus on your past and family issues.

The good news is that there are ways to help ensure greater alignment during this time. So, take a deep breath and read some of our favorite tips for surviving this disruptive period of the cosmos below:

1. Practice Positive Thinking. The mind is a powerful tool. Assume that best is going to happen and practice daily positive affirmations to help shape your behavior and actions. Remember, even the perceived roadblocks during retrograde are superficial ( I mean, even Mercury is not actually moving backwards) so focus your thoughts on the good instead of worrying in advance about what can go wrong.

2. Be Mindful of Your Words. Given that communication during Mercury Retrograde can go haywire, collect your thoughts and try to be mindful of the words you speak. Pause and take a few deep breaths in order to clearly deliver your message prior to conversation. If you find yourself in a silly argument with your partner, take a step back and try to respond with compassion versus judgment. Likewise, be sure to allow others the space to communicate effectively by listening to them and calmly giving them the space to express their feelings.

3. Back up your Hard Drive. Mercury rules over technology so our forms of digital communication can also become disrupted. Take a moment to save any important documents, baby photos and emails on your hard drive. If your website crashes or you get locked out of your social media accounts, don’t panic, but put action plans in place now should you unexpectedly find yourself bitten by the technology bug.

4. Reconnect with Yourself. The retrograde transit demands that we slow ourselves down. Our communication energy spins inwards instead of outwardly which creates an opportunity for deep introspection. Keep a journal and spend time documenting your personal goals. Meditation is also a great practice as it allows you to tune out the world and focus on your inner self.

So, don’t allow Mercury Retrograde to kill your vibe. Take a breather and follow our tips to avoid common pitfalls. Remember, you are a Badass and Mercury Retrograde ain’t got nothing on you!

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