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Get Your GLOW On

Raise your hand if your skin care routine during quarantine has been a challenge. Same sis, same.

From constant breakouts to dryness and redness, my relationship status with my skin can only be categorized as “complicated”. It wasn’t until I introduced BGj’s GLOW Luminous Facial Serum into my daily routine that my skin began to transform.

As it turns out, skin care is a common struggle for many women during this uncertain time. Between poor eating habits (guilty!), lack of sunlight and the interruption of our daily routines, it’s common for our skin to take a hit. Stress of course is another major element as during times of high anxiety, our bodies produce more cortisol causing increased flare up's such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Personally, I was suffering from maddening breakouts so I knew I had to do something and GLOW arrived right on time. Formulated with premium Broad Spectrum CBD and Cannabis Sativa Seed oil, our BGj vegan facial serum brought my skin back to life. With antioxidants that out number those found in both Vitamin C and D, my face began to clear and feel much more gentle.

How is all of this possible you ask? Numerous studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits that when applied to the skin topically, work to eliminate those nagging blemishes and acne. It also decreases the amount of excess sebum (oil) production, which leads to redness and puffiness within the skin. And because of its antioxidants, it can help calm the skin and help reduce visual signs of aging. WOW. So, join me on my skin care journey and get your GLOW On. This lockdown can't stop our shine.

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