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When Beyonce Shows You Love

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

When we discovered that BROWN GIRL jane was recognized in Beyoncé’s Black Parade Route, an online directory highlighting black-owed businesses, it was literally the Best. Day. Ever. We could not stop smiling (and honestly screaming) because let’s face it.... Queen BEY is EVERYTHING. 

Not only is Beyoncé an amazing performer, but she is also a Badass Boss, a loving mother and wife and a philanthropist who continuously pours into her community.  Just this week, she announced that her charitable Foundation, BeyGOOD, will be awarding business grants to black-owned businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19. This comes after she pledged 6 million to support the mental health of African Americans earlier this year due to the stresses caused by the pandemic.

Through her fierce work ethic, activism, and of course insane talent and music, Beyoncé continuously empowers women, especially Black women, to be bold and embrace our uniqueness. Always promoting Black beauty and using her voice to uplift her sisters, she serves as a true inspiration to so many Black women and girls across the globe.

And so, I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of my favorite Beyoncé lyrics to in order to not only celebrate our inclusion in the Black Parade Route, but also honor all the greatness that is Queen Bey.

Here goes:

1. "I Sneezed on the Beat and The Beat Got Sickah.” Yonce. Oh, the confidence of it all! When you know everything you touch ( or sneeze on) is going to be upgraded. 

2. “We're Smart enough to make these millions / Strong enough to bear these children / Then get back to business." Run The World.  Insert praise dance! Beyonce reminding us all that women can have a family and still be a BOSS outside of the home as well. 

3. “Always Stay Gracious / Best Revenge is your Paper.” Formation.  It’s always important to be humble, grateful and put in the hard work. And, to the haters and nay - sayers...well, money talks!

4. "I Talk like This ’Cause I can Back it Up.” Ego. That’s right, Bey. We should all know our worth and stand boldly in it with no apologies. 

5. “You don't deserve my Tears / I guess that's why they ain't There."  Best Thing I've Never Had. Yep! If it’s a crazy boss or an old flame, sometimes people just don’t deserve your tears or energy. 

6. “Wave it in his Face / tell him, boy, BYE.” Sorry. No Explanation needed for this one. Periodt! 

7. "I'ma Keep Running Cause a Winner don't Quit on Themselves" Freedom. This serves a good reminder to keep going, even when things get tough. Just. Keep. Moving. Forward.

8. "I See It, I Want It / I Dream it, I Work Hard/ I Grind ' til I Own It" Formation. Yassss! Talk about manifestation in action. Let's go get it, ladies.

Thank you Beyoncé for sharing all of your gifts and Black Girl Magic with the world. And, thank you for supporting BROWN GIRL jane and so many other deserving Black-owned businesses. You SLAY...all day!

Share some of your favorite Beyoncé lyrics below in the comments!

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