The Brown Girl Swap Pledge

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Supporting black businesses, especially those owned by Black Women, has always been important. Now, even more so. ⁠

Recognizing the importance of supporting Black women in the wellness and beauty industry in particular, we invite you to join us in@BrownGirlSwap. ⁠


How many of us buy wellness and beauty products that could easily be swapped for Black-owned brands? Nail polish? Serums? Um, CBD tinctures? Lipstick? Candles?⁠

The list goes on and on. The@BrownGirlSwap calls on you to consciously commit to swapping FIVE of your common daily products for a brand that is owned by a Black woman. This is an easy, simple way to start and put your (real) dollars behind changing this space.

So, Sisters and Allies- join the@BrownGirlSwap and show us just how easy it really is. Tag#BrownGirlSwap

in your videos, pictures and posts to encourage your friends to join in.⁠


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