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Tips To Ease Your Election Day Anxiety

The 2020 Presidential Election is only one day away. If you are like me, you are hoping November 3, 2020 will go down in history as the day when the country overwhelmingly rejected the hatred, division and misinformation of the past four years and ushered in a new blue wave of optimism and leadership. I am hopeful that will happen. However, if I am keeping it 100%...I am also nervous AF.

The stakes have never been greater for an election in my lifetime and the importance of the outcome is not lost upon me. Because of this, I have to actively remind myself to stay calm and focused, especially when I find my mind racing with unfavorable possibilities. I know this uneasiness is common for a lot of people in our BGJ Tribe and thus I wanted to share some tips as we all prepare to navigate election day. Tomorrow, we may feel a range of emotions as the day progresses so here’s my election day wellness game plan to help me stay centered. Hopefully, it will help you too! 1- Take your BROWN GIRL Jane BALANCE Tincture. This is a must! This will help set the tone of my day and help calm my mind and spirit. I drop it under my tongue after my morning breakfast.

2- Practice Relaxation Techniques. Activities such as yoga and meditation have been shown in medical studies to help relieve stress. A basic breathing exercise is also very effective. Simply breathe in deeply for a few seconds (2 to 3 seconds is recommended), hold your breath for a moment and then slowly breathe out. I will be doing this a few times throughout the day.

3- Turn OFF The TV! I know this one is hard but it can really help calm your anxiety. It’s no secret that watching the results trickle in may make you want to bite your nails and pull your hair out. So, if you can, try to go into another room, turn on some music and pour yourself a glass of wine. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, "We gon' be Alright". 4- Practice Positive Thinking and Affirmations. The mind is a powerful tool. Throughout the day, tell yourself that the best outcome will happen. Visualize the change you want to see. Believe and have Faith. Envision Victory. 5 - VOTE!! This is the single most important thing you can do help control the election outcome. Your vote has me. Otherwise, the people in power wouldn’t work so hard to steal it. Make sure your voice is heard and encourage your Tribe to vote join the movement. If you haven't already voted early, vote tomorrow in person. Your vote matters...A LOT. I hope these Election Day tips will help ease some anxiety. Remember, we are all in this Together. I am confident that when we wake up on November 4th, we will have made history after electing a new President of The United States. And, even more magical...a Black Woman VP. I’m sure that’s something we can all celebrate.

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