Journey with us

Utilizing neuroscientifically proven, patented fragrance technology, these three scents are shown to elicit feelings that bring you to a more grounded state.

Designed to be wore alone or layered, The WANDERLUST COLLECTION experience is an olfactive escape--capturing the unforgettable energy of some of our favorite cities - Lamu Kenya, Bahia Brazil, and Casablanca Morocco.

anti-stress fragrances rooted in science


Crafted in partnership with one of the most innovative and illustrious perfumers in the world, the three scents are not only mesmerizing, but functional as wellness tools.


We use patented scent science to uncover the link between feeling, ingredients and colors to help determine the key to enhance targeted emotions.


The ingredients in Wanderlust Collection are clean by Sephora standards, Non-toxic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Phthalate-Free and Paraben-Free.

a multi-sensory experience, scientifically demonstrated to boost mood and improve wellness


This trio was developed to inspire love, to uplift and to soothe. The collection marries the
health benefits of travel and holiday with the science of scent to deliver luxurious and efficacious fragrances with scientifically proven wellness benefits.

a scent escape

Our love note to you

Black and Brown Girls around the world are our forever-muses, and with each scent, we pay homage to their travel stories in these breathtaking, healing locations.